San Diego Bay is home to 15 military facilities, the Port, Airport and other valuable businesses, recreational assets and ecosystems.  Developing site-specific predictions for high water events and sea-level rise is a key step in prioritizing and investing in adaptation strategies.  


The project will develop a bay-wide observational network and model to enhance understanding of water level extremes, wave energy and potential flooding today and with increasing sea-level rise. Key support for this project is provided by San Diego Gas & Electric, the Port of San Diego, and the San Diego Airport Authority. 


The Center is taking a multi-faceted approach to enhance wave and flood forecasting, refine flood risk assessments and monitor changing conditions around San Diego Bay.

Wave-current pressure sensors located around the Bay will track wave energy from both offshore swell and wind-driven swell to determine how the Bay's water levels respond to wave energy combined with high tides.  These sensors will also track energy from winter and summer storm surges to refine predictions of how increasing storm surge may result in flooding when combined with sea-level rise.

Project Partners